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The Afterword

"Ageless, Immortal, it's a pointless distinction to most but not for people like me. They used to call me the Immortal Man, heh, but that man is long dead, along with most of my friends. Those that remain are few and far between…and this one? "

"This one is trying to kill me."

>New York City, present day

>The city's skyline was rapidly darkening as a mounting battle began to consume the city. A lithe figure floated high above the rest, her hair dancing wildly as lightning crackled from her extended arms. Propelled by the rockets inside of his boots Nash nimbly twirled through the air Nash dipping below the bolt and taking aim.

"It all started a few weeks ago, when I arrived back on Earth to await an old friend, praying he'd get here before the man who had been chasing me across the galaxy. I intended to lay low, relax and enjoy Earth's cuisine; live the life I wasn't afforded before I had hung my shield and cape up decades ago. But fate it would seem had other plans. "
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A Letter from

"Dear Sir/Madam,

If you are receiving this letter, I am afraid I must inform you that my venerable and magnanimous master, Bernhardin Enz, collector of curios, has passed.

As I am sure you are aware, the master had in his possession a sizeable estate consisting of a great many artefacts that he had collected over his many long years, and lacked an heir of his blood to inherit his collection.

To deal with this concerning issue, the Late Master had his various agents across the globe switch their attention from hunting the relics that had been the focus of much of his life, to find individuals that the Master deemed worthy of inheriting his prized portfolio.

If you, as a chosen individual of the Master, wish to claim this inheritance, then you need only place your hand upon the Judgment Seal located within his estate.

Caretaker of the Enz Estate
Hartmann Wolfram

P.S. To ensure fairness between competitors, the cost of travel to the estate has been included with this missive."