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"Ageless, Immortal, it's a pointless distinction to most but not for people like me. They used to call me the Immortal Man, heh, but that man is long dead, along with most of my friends. Those that remain are few and far between…and this one? "

"This one is trying to kill me."

>New York City, present day

>The city's skyline was rapidly darkening as a mounting battle began to consume the city. A lithe figure floated high above the rest, her hair dancing wildly as lightning crackled from her extended arms. Propelled by the rockets inside of his boots Nash nimbly twirled through the air Nash dipping below the bolt and taking aim.

"It all started a few weeks ago, when I arrived back on Earth to await an old friend, praying he'd get here before the man who had been chasing me across the galaxy. I intended to lay low, relax and enjoy Earth's cuisine; live the life I wasn't afforded before I had hung my shield and cape up decades ago. But fate it would seem had other plans. "


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>Firing off several brightly colored blasts from his energy pistol, Nash watched in amazement as the swirling winds enveloping the woman absorbed and deflected his shots. With an effortlessly quick series of hand gestures the evil druid summoned a barrage of icicles pelting them down at the airborne man.

"Her name was Arda and in a past life we were lovers, and shortly after that friends and colleagues. When her husband died at the hands of Solomon she became hell bent on achieving a level of power great enough to bring him back. Well she found that power but it came at a great cost, now she's allied herself with a mad man and seeks to wipe modern civilization off the map."

>Nash quickly rotated in the air once more, bringing his back towards the attack and letting his indestructible shield protect him from being skewered. The hail of ice-knives slowed his progress considerably and Arda wasted no time, with her target so readily available she brought a torrent of wind down upon him; slamming him into a nearby building.


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>Meanwhile in a skyscraper behind Arda the elderly mad scientist, Dr. Calloway, sat absent minded writing equations on a chalk board as the sound of the locks on the door behind him could be heard being thrown. In stepped an eccentric illusionist with a thin wicked smile on his face. The old man's chalk had all been used up yet his aged hands kept in motion, writing invisible equations until the younger man slipped a new piece into his hand.

"Oh Father, you small minded genius, all the things you could have accomplished with that brain of yours; yet you robbed banks, quite unsuccessfully might I add… Enjoy your final moments old man, for soon you die with the respect you should have taken in your wasted youth, today is the day that the world will remember as the day The Master of Magnetism got his revenge."

>The young man turned and left the room, knowing no response would be coming. Almost skipping down the hallway and he excitedly ran up the staircase to the viewing room where a large technologically advanced cannon sat pointed up towards the sky. Checking his watch he smiled and pulled a heavy lever. The machine began to hum with a high pitched grind and began glowing fiercely as energy coursed through its intricate tubing. Coalescing at the tip it immediately fired off tearing the ceiling asunder and illuminating the darkened sky as it parted the storm clouds and continued off into space.


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>The entire eastern seaboard grew dark and its inhabitants all fearfully stared upwards following the dazzling light as even the chaos of Arda's assault seemed muted by the display. Despite the vibrating hum that now filled the air, the wicked laugh of the druid cut through, chilling Nash to the bone.

"And so comes the beginning of the end for you humans! I will usher in a new dawn, one were man and his ilk will no longer be allowed to taint the world, Nature shall rule and I shall be its Queen!"

>Shaking the dust and rubble off Nash stood up in a small impact crater, with a forlorn glance up at his old friend he activated the communications device within his helmet.

"Get ready, I'm making my approach."

>Taking a deep breath he began running towards the hole in the wall his body had created. Leaping out he ignited his boots once more, rocketing towards the tower. Arda stifled the rest of her cackle, musing at Nash's futile actions.

"Oh Nash my dear, do try and die with some dignity…I always was your better.."

>Before Nash could reach the tower he slammed face first into a nearly invisible wall of wind and began plummeting downward. His limp body tumbled downwards, only to be swept up by the massive talons of a giant pterodactyl who clinching tightly brought its catch to it's master.


File: 1591318287089.png (777.57 KB, 610x907, looking out.png)

>Arda loosed several more bolts of primal magics at the mounting hero resistance and re-instilled a sense of fear back into the awestruck civilians.

"Yes now scurry along, find a nice hole to die in…"

>With a sadistically warm smile she turned to face her pet and his prey. Another twist of her wrist and Nash's limp body was enveloped in wind and floated up towards her.

"What? No grand plan? No intricately laid trap? "

>With no answer forth coming she swatted his futuristic masked helmet off with a clawed hand, leaving several gashes in it's wake. As unpredictable as the seas she controlled she gently reached out lifting his chin as his consciousness returned, bringing his eyes to meet hers.

"Have you finally met your match against raw and REAL power?"

>Her eyes drifted up and down the perfectly sculpted human specimen and a coy and devilish smile creased her lips. Even now as the dark magics coursed through her body warping her once fair visage she was still breathtakingly gorgeous, and Nash couldn't help but manage a weak smile.

"Give up Arda.. it's over. Return the kid and stop this madness.."

>Arda threw her head back and laughed heartily, wiping a tear from her eye she brought Nash in closer, almost level with herself as she began running her hand down his chest, unfastening his bomber-style space jacket.

"Oh there he is.. the foolhardy paragon of truth, justice and whatever else you want to use an excuse for your personal war against your own wrong misdoings..Let me guess, next you propose I take you instead?"

>The harsh sway of her tone as she finished her sentence caused Nash to tense up forcing him to choke on those exact words as he flexed against the invisible barrier he was firmly trapped in. The sinister wickedness in her voice continued to grow as her clawed hand began to caress his now exposed upper chest.

"It is such a shame too, you were so good at what you did…So good in fact that I don't need you or your blood anymore."

"He's your son Arda, you can't do this."

>Cocking her head to the side she smiled plainly

"Of course I can, that was why we created him wasn't it?"

>The myriad of emotions that assault Nash at that admission were more than his typically stoic form could contain, quickly moving from shock and confusion to outright rage. It was Arda's ensuing laughter at his reaction that replaced his scowl with a look of deep sorrow and regret.

"I-I.. I didn't know..I'm sorry Arda.."

"Sorry? Sorry?! Your apology means nothing to the dead…"

"No..well yes.. but I'm sorry about what you've become…If Beastmaster could see you now he would tear his own heart out."

>The mentioning of her husband who had died gruesomely at the hands of a man purely bent on destroying Nash sent a revolting jolt through her body. A pure unbridled wrath then erupted from Arda and the storm surrounding surged in kind. With a blood curdling scream she dove her clawed fingers into Nash's exposed chest, digging towards his heart. Nash's scream echoed throughout the city climbing high into the sky.

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